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Friday 1 July 2011

Free Maybelline Shopper Bag!


Maybelline Shopper bag..

I’ve seen them on the shoulder of dozens of celebrities, so it wasn’t going to be long before a beauty brand like Maybelline designed their own.  The shopper bag has been a big hit with celebrities and for so many good reasons. 
 Ashley Tisdale

  Gwen Stefani with a "Lamb" shopper bag

Rachel Roy (r) and friend

 Michelle Trachtenber

Not only are they extremely useful, perfect for any big long shopping trips, they are ideal as an environmentally-friendly alternative to plastic bags. Look great AND protect the environment all at the same time? A winning combination!

 My Maybelline shopper bag

I love the black and white image on the bag, a woman’s face with only her lipstick and Maybelline logo in bold red.

Lucky for us, Maybelline is offering this fab shopper bag when you purchase 3 items for 2.  This offer ends on 2nd August 2011 so what are you waiting for – go and get yours!

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