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Friday 1 July 2011

Superdrug New False Lash Collection

 My favourite lashes out of the range

I love false lashes for nights out to make my eyes stand out but I’m yet to find a false lashes suitable for day time wear until now…

Superdrug have released their own brand of false lashes called, Lash.  The collection offers a wide selection of styles of lashes from intense double volume (great for eveningwear) to light natural style (perfect for everyday wear). 

Each hand-made lash is clearly displayed on the packaging so customer can select from the eight types of lash effect on offer, with the aim to give its customer a “complete wardrobe of lash looks”. Spoilt for choice!

Natural Edition lashes - ideal choice for daywear

I love dramatic false lashes but the natural effect is far more suitable for everyday wear, such as wearing to work. I wore the Natural Edition lashes for one day to test their durability.  These lashes stayed on throughout the day and were simple to remove too.

Loved the length of the lashes - unlike some lashes which are look too fake, these are full and not too long

Here is my tip for putting on false lashes:-

1. Apply your makeup before you add the lashes. Leave eyeliner for afterwards to fill in any gaps to line the eyelash with your eyelids.

2. Apply a very thin layer of lash adhesive to the rim of the fake lash using a toothpick to get a thin, even layer.

3. Leave the glue to dry before putting it on your eye. This is the best trick I have discovered as the glue is more likely to stick once it has dried out.

4. Now, the hard part – position the false lash.  I use tweezers to align the lash with the outer corner of my eye

Lashes are available in store now and until the 2nd August 2011. They will be available at a special introductory price (until 2nd August 2011) of £3.99 for single thickness and £4.99 for double volume.  (£4.49 and £5.49 each respectively from 3rd August)

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