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Thursday 23 April 2009

Throwback Track of the Week

Who Hearts HipHop Soul??
So... I was feeling in one of those "back in the day" moods and decided to turn to good old Jodeci to get me "feenin" (lol) their old skool tunes. As much as I loooooooove Day 26 (new album, Forever In A Day, is just too much - didn't think they could do one better than their debut album!) no one can touch K-Ci and JoJo's silky vocals. Diddy you done good! The first time I heard "Diary of a Mad Band" I was about seven, having had my older sister bless my innocent ears with HipHop Soul those songs have stayed with me since then, Feenin', My Heart Belongs To You, and All You Got..but their debut album, "Forever My Lady" really showed the world what talented soulful vocalists Jodeci were. And how could we forget Devante! - the original sweet boy!! :-) Ladies will never forget his cheesy actions: "accidentally" revealing torso shots and gazes into the camera by the Casanova of the group. So here is one of the most romantic love-story videos ever made. Enjoy Jodeci and thank Diddy for actually keeping a band long enough for a second album (you can tell I'm still pissed about Danity Kane can't you?!):-
Jodeci - Love U 4 Life
Oh and for good measure I'm adding in H-Town too. Yes its those twins!! Love love loooooooooooooove this tune a classic if there ever was one - they ultimately made "knocking boots" phrase mainstream! One of the funniest intros too - A member of the group is being interviewed by a Brummie reporter. How RANDOM is that?! I didn't even know Americans knew back then the UK had such diverse accents and H-Town go and add a girl from Birmingham. In the interview, she (stupidly) asks them asking what "Knocking Boots" meant. Oh dear, maybe they got one thing right...! Unfortunately the lead singer, Keven A. Conner also known as Dino was killed in a car accident in 2003. The remaining members of the band, his suriving twin brother Soloman "Shazam" and Darryl "G.I" still continue to tour as H-Town. R.I.P Dino x
H-Town Knocking Boots

1 comment:

Ramjoe said...

Anyone called Shazam is alright by me! Those H Town boys have got a better video than KP and JubJub that's for damn sure! :-)

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