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Tuesday 14 April 2009

Britain's Got REAL Talent

Britain's Got Talent Judges
Everyone has been talking about Susan Boyle, the 47 year old lady who stunned the audience and judges with her rendition of Les Miserables. Yes she was great but I was more impressed with Flawless the dance group! You may have seen them in music videos or performing on MTV as Flawless have been around since February 2005 winning titles such as UK's Top Street Dance Champions and World Hip Hop Dance Champions in 2006. The UK World Dance Champions from North London performed in the London auditions of Britain's Got Talent and they too received a standing ovation (though I'm sure they had brought the biggest entourage along with them!) If you missed it here's your chance to see them perform again..

1 comment:

Ramjoe said...

Frickin' awesome!! Those dudes rock! What's with the cheesy R Kelly though???

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