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Tuesday 29 June 2010

The Danger of Hair Extensions - Naomi Campbell

 Naomi Campbell reveals signs of hair loss

It's enough to put any woman off extensions for life.  Naomi Campbell, who was at a fashion shoot for designer Dennis Basso, was spotted in New York yesterday with bald patch on her head.

It looks like years of wearing extensions and weaves for photo-shoots has caused the serious hair loss. 

Naomi getting ready for her shoot

There are so many types of extensions these days. You can weave threads to hair, hair clip ins or the new method involves glue-heating the extensions onto natural hair.

I am no hair expert but glue heating is a very extreme method of creating long, locks. Is it really worth it?

Chris Rock has a new film out, Good Hair. (see trailer below) The documentary explores the wonders of Black hairstyles.  Though he doesn't mention anything about the risks of excessive weaving or extensions.  Known as traction alopecia, it is a serious issue and it's a shame it wasn't explored further.

Perhaps, this image of Naomi Campbell, one of the world's most recognisable and successful models, will highlight the danger of hair extensions to the world.

All thoughts, as always, are welcomed! ♥


Chic Therapy said...

Chris Rock movie came out last year.I havent yet seen it though

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