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Wednesday 23 June 2010

Skinny Role Models:Is this Modern Day Beauty?

 Beverly Hills star AnnaLynne and her sister, Angel

When I saw this picture of Beverly Hills star AnnaLynne McCord and her sister, model, Angel on holiday I felt a mixture of emotions, shock, sadness and disappointment.  Does this look equate to modern day beauty?  Because to me, this is anything but beauty.

The sisters both look unhealthy, their legs painfully skinny and their ribs clearly visible in the bikinis.  Is this what we call beautiful? This ladies, is not a good look for any woman young, middle aged or mature.

 Skeletal sisters

I can't help but feel sorry for these girls. For the time that AnnaLynne has been in the public eye, she has faced heavy scrutiny over her body being labelled by the press as "too thin". She claims she has never needed to diet and has admitted she is "naturally slim" (where have I heard that one before?!) but judging by these images, this does not look "natural" by any means.

 Singer Beth Ditto, refuses to loose weight despite being in the public eye

The pressure that women face in today's society is immense. We have to look young (permanently), stay slim, have successful careers, buy our own home, get married oh  and if there's time have a couple of kids to tick off the long list of accomplishments.  And men wonder why women are hormonal..smh. 

The media, should be utterly ashamed and take full responsibility for this poor representation of women. The image of the "perfect" woman is constantly being contradicted. Fat woman are ridiculed in weekly gossip/tabloid magazines, television, blogs etc yet the following week, skinny women are criticised for being too slim. Damned if you do, damned if you don't - as a woman you just can't win.  So where does that leave us?  In a constant battle with our self-image that's where. How depressing...!

 Typical criticism of media reporting of women - where are the male celebrities before and after pictures???

I could go on and on about my views on women and how they are represented in the media (my thesis on this was 15,000 + words!) but instead, I thought I'd share with you my brief fustrations on the issue as what I really wanted was to hear from you...

So what do you think? How does it make you feel seeing these skeletal pictures of these girls?

Let me know!

 Nice looking ribs abs, girls


Vintagestarglam said...

I feel just like you. In my opinion it is not attractive for two reasons. One it just doesn't look nice, and two, what's attractive about someone looking like they need to be in a hospital bed on a drip or being force-fed lasagne?
Too fat or too thin, both are unattractive to me because both are unhealthy.
I think it's high time celebs were honest about what they do to stay slim. Be realistic about it. They like to blame the media for highlighting their 'fat days' and then slating them for losing too much weight... but the truth is they're ll to blame. If a celeb said, 'ok, I have a personal trainer who yells at me and makes me cry if I don't train 4 times a week, then I;m at the gym pushing myself 2 hours a night, I force myself to eat only when I feel like passing out, and I have the odd bit of lipo every now and then before a red carpet event... oh abd by the way I spend around £100,000 a year too look like this!'
Maybe THEN women wouldn't feel so much pressure to keep up. Because they would realise it's a full time job and impossible on a normal budget with a normal life!!

Chic Therapy said...

Wow, i had no idea she was that skinny...However, there are people who naturally look like that and it would be unfair to label them as not beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I love skinny girls.They are the most beautiful by far.You dont have to be fat to be beautiful girls.

Ladyofevilness said...

I agree it's not about being skinny or fat it's about being who you are your natural shape. But plus size women d get called ugly for there shape it's really not fair.

Anonymous said...

Only fat girls complain about fit girls like Annalyn & Angel. Look at Angel McCord's muscle tone. Sorry but she's FAR from sickly or too thin, you can tell she's athletic and works out and is in better shape than all of you chubbsters complaining here. See the muscle in her legs? How about her biceps? What about her abs? I bet her blood pressure is lower than yours, her cholesterol is lower and her resting heart rate is lower. Those are all signs of health.

Anonymous said...

I think they are beautiful. There is a lot of people that look like this because they are naturally thin.
Don´t be jealous! Peace.

Anonymous said...

Neither of these girls are "unhealthy" or "skeletal". It amazes me what some people refer to as "anorexic looking". Really? But Beth Ditto looks "natural" and "healthy"? LOL. It's only fat women and chubby chaser guys who think that. I guess all those Olympic athletes are unhealthy and "scary skinny" too?

Both those girls are healthy and toned. Angel is reaching up in the photos and heaving her chest in the photos. Got news for you. When a person in not a fat sack of lard and reaches up, you can see the rib cage. The reason people say "it's not normal" and "that's not how most people look", it's because MOST PEOPLE ARE FAT. The statistics don't lie.

It's the same people who think that slob Kardashian looks good. Because fat women want to believe you can be sexy when your butt is 3 miles wide.
Have fun keeling over at 50 from a heart attack. Keep eating the McDonald's and telling yourself you're sexy.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't have said it better myself.

Anonymous said...

I fully agree with the author: When ribs are showing, a girl or woman is way too skinny. Real women do have breasts, a sexy meaty tummy, female thighs that show volume and meat around their waist!

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