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Monday 7 June 2010

Posh Spice in LAX

 Posh Spice

Does Posh EVER have an off day? Obviously not from the look of these pictures!  

The singer turned fashion designer was seen in LA with her two sons. Only Posh Spice would wear her Sunday best arriving at an airport. The red dress is by British designer GOAT matched the red sole shoes, which could only be Christian Louboutin OMG i'm ♥ !

 Victoria and her kids


Vintagestarglam said...

She looks great! Must have taken ages but the outfit is so simple it looks effortless. (everyone knows, looking effortless takes a lot of effort)
By the way, do you remember michelle gayle? Everytime I see a new post from you I think of her when she sings the line in that son 'do you know?'

DoYouNoah said...

Looking effortless take a lot of effort - i ♥ that! (and its so so true too!)

Lol yes i remember the song! How funny!
I actually got this name because my surname's Noah and all my friends in school used to say "Do you Noah?!" lol so it's kinda stuck! :-)

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