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Saturday 17 January 2009

Celebrity Big Brother 2009

After Channel 4 decided to give Celebrity Big Brother a miss last year (and replace it with that awful Celebrity Hijack - what a load of rubbish) it has come back bigger and better.
If you're not watching Celeb BigBro I suggest you better! Here's a quick rundown of whose who in the house:-
Tina, 46, Actress - played Mimi in Shamelss (2nd to be evicted)
Michelle, 28, Singer (& apparently presenter), former Liberty X member
Verne, 40, Actor, most famous for his role as Mini Me in Austin Powers
Lucy, 25, Glamour Model (First to be evicted)
Coolio, 45, Rapper & Actor
Mutya, 23, Singer/Songwriter, former member of the Sugababes
Terry, 45, Broadcaster, used to present popular Ch4 culture show "The Word"
La Toya, 52, Singer, Member of the Jackson family
Ulrika, 41, Writer and Broadcaster, known more for her relationships than her career
Ben, 27, former boyband member of A1
Tommy, 44, controversial Politician
You can catch up on all the episodes on

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