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Saturday 17 January 2009

Lady Gaga!

If you don't already know get to know! Lady G outside London's Capital 95.8FM
You may think that Lady Gaga is new on the scene but she has been around longer than you know. Also known as Stefani Joanna Germanotta, she was originally signed to Def Jam when she was nineteen years old but later signed to Interscope in January 2008. Her music is electronica genre, kinda 80's dance pop. What is making her so popular is her colourful, flamboyant outfits. She has definately created her own edgy look straight outta the 80's glam style. I wouldn't be surprised if she cites Jem & the Hollograms (if you don't know get to friggin know!) as one of her style influences (don't cat us!). A lot of bloggers such as Perez have noticed that Christina Aguilera has appeared on the MTV Video Music Awards and other appearances and photoshoots mimicking her unique look. However Lady G has remained very Lady like and has refused to comment when asked whether she thinks Christina is copying her style. We like her modesty!

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