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Saturday 17 January 2009

New York City

The UK sales have been great but where is the next best place to spend all that Xmas money, and in my case, BIRTHDAY money??
I did try my very best not to go crazy and hit the shops as both the Christmas and January sales have been fab fab fab this year - that I can't deny. Well, that's one good thing to come out of this economic crisis! As much as I LOVE the yellow cabs in New York, you can't go all the way to the city and not hop on the subway! And when a girl's gotta shop..well what can I say - don't stop me now, i'm having such a good time, i'm having a ball...!
And when I say the food was good..the food was GOOD!

Think I was the only one who wanted Chinese food-just because of the packaging-love those cardboard boxes straight outta Friends!

Forget Take2 when you can have proper SOUL food (and coke!)
And you know I had to check out what the clubs were like..had to see how those Yanks like to party...well see for yourself!
Girls posing on the actual Club Runway
There goes me again with my know im addicted!
You know its New York when guys are head to toe in fur/mink/some kinda dead animal in a HOT CLUB!
Me and my chickas

CLUB DUVET (Yep that's us sitting on one of many beds in the club!)
It's a shame I was only in NY for four days but I will definately be going back that city has a place in my heart! :-)

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