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Monday 16 February 2009


There's chocolate...and then there's CHOCOLATE.
If you're a true fan of chocolate then you'll know what the heck i'm talking about!
Based in the vibrant seaside city of Brighton, you will find Bar Du Chocolate, from the creators of Choccywoccydoodah - the best chocolate shop in the South side of the UK.
Famous for their decadent chocolate cakes, fantastic sculptures, unique designs and delicious recipes it is no surprise that Choccywoccydoodah are known as the "couturiers of chocolaterie."
Inside Bar Du Chocolate
Bar Du Chocolate is a little intimate boudoir on the corner of Brighton lanes not far from the seafront. On offer are ice cream milkshakes, hot chocolate made from pure belgian chocolate and the famous chocolate dipping pots served with strawberries and marshmellows. They also make personalised cakes for special occasions. Jordan famously got her wedding cake specially created by Choccywoccydoodah!
Milk hot chocolate - yummy!
You have to try their milk hot chocolate which were generously served with PLENTY of marshmellows. To keep that sweet tooth yearning for more I tried the chocolate truffle cake too. Simply divine if I may say so myself!
If you don't believe me take a look at what I tucked into this weekend..and yes it was ALL FOR ME!!! (How lucky am I?!)

Chocolate Truffle - you know how we do!
For directions to the store or to order online visit :-


Ramjoe said...

Having been to this fantastic place myself very recently, I would just like to add that the hot chocolate comes in VERY big mugs indeed..I couldn't finish all of mine! And I couldn't finish all of me cake either, so good going Aba!! Love your blog! X

DoYouNoah said...

All of WHOSE cake?!lol this is the best chocolate cake/drink shop like EvEr!xx

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