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Thursday 19 February 2009

Gordan Praises Goody...

Last night Gordon Brown became involved in the Jade Goody debate discussing whether she should make money from her illness. What with the economic crisis and other concerns of the world going on, I am sure you are thinking, "Hasn't the Prime Minister of United Kingdom got anything better to do than comment on celebrity's person lives and their decisions?" Hmmm obviously not! He said:-
"Her determination to help her family is something that we have got to applaud and I wish her family well."
Jade pictured arriving home from hospital to plan her wedding
Last week Goody, 27, who suffers from cervical cancer, was told her illness was terminal and has just months to live. Controversially, she has decided to use media coverage of herself to raise money for her two children, Bobby five and Freddy four.
Jade and sons Bobby left and Freddie right
Jade is expected to make up to 1 million from selling the rights to her wedding day, expected to take place this Sunday 22nd February 2009. The wedding is scheduled to take place at Down Hall a house hotel in Essex. Though it will be broadcast on Living TV in mid March.
Will you be watching it?? I will!

1 comment:

Iberian Bird said...

If I was in her situation, I would do the same thing. I would want my kids to have as much as possible, wouldn't you?
It's all so incredibly sad... I wouldn't be able to watch the wedding. I'd be in floods of tears myself.

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