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Saturday 7 February 2009

Purple Lippy...hmm..thoughts??

I did mention I was a fan of Lady G's style and I am all for matching outfits with make-up or other accessories.
However girlfriend can't tell me this is a good look:-
Lady Gaga
Lilac/purple shade of lipstick does not compliment any woman's complexion - in fact the whole outfit just looks ridiculous and the mega sized bow - is it really necessary? She resembles a sickly elderly lady. Sorry Lady G I'm all for experimenting with fashion but this look is just Wrong with a capital W. Looks like this is going in my file of "Wack Fashion!" Although experimenting with lipstick shades does bring back some vivid memories - Pump Up The Jam anyone?!?
Technotronic 1989 this was my jam back in the 3 years old lol!

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