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Tuesday 10 February 2009

Hello Kitty Meets Mac

When two of the world's most iconic brands join forces what do you get?? Hello Kitty Meets MAC of course! Hello Kitty best known for its large variety of consumer products ranging from clothes to home appliances, are teaming up with make up art cosmetic giant, MAC , to create the ultimate cosmetic collection. The collection falls into two categories, The Hello Kitty Colour Collection and Hello Kitty Kouture - a more high end version. Group President of Estee Lauder Cos. Inc John Dempsey said: “MAC has been mining pop culture since the brand was founded. This is a sexy and innocent fashion line, and a true MAC moment. In these times, everyone can use a little fun — and a little Kitty.” Products include shades of lipstick, tinted lip conditioners, eye glitter eye liners, false eyelashes, beauty powder, nail polish and much more. To say I'm looking forward to this collection hitting the shops is the biggest understatement of the year - there is nothing better than two of my favourite brands coming together and forming a mega brand! The limited edition collection is available in America on February 12th and in European stores in early March 2009. Get ready to queue up at your nearest MAC Store! See below for the MAC/Hello Kitty advert. For more info on the Hello Kitty & MAC collection visit:-

1 comment:

HollyLicious said...

SOOOO excited about this!

For some reason I can't get onto the US M.A.C site to order so imma have to wait until March :(((((

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