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Wednesday 18 November 2009

Kate Moss's Motto on Life...

 Kate Moss

I ♥ Kate Moss' style.

I ♥ Kate Moss because she makes Croydon cool hmmmm, lets not exaggerate..credible *Yay!*

I ♥ the mystique that surrounds Kate, like the fact she RARELY gives interviews.

But that is where my love affair with Kate ends - and yours will too when you read this.

It is well known that Kate NEVER, HARDLY EVER, VERY RARELY gives interviews to the media.  She has a very strong PR team that monitors and closely advises her every move.  This strategic plan has worked thus so far.  According to "industry experts" (whoever the heck that is!) Kate is worth up to £25 million.  Even when she was branded "Cocaine Kate" after THOSE awful pictures of her emerged of her "allegedly" snorting cocaine, that didn't stop her earning power and appeal as the most fashionable model in the world.

Kate Moss in Topshop Campaign

So in an interview for fashion bible mag WWD, she was asked by it's beauty website section her motto on life.

Simple question right? Should be a simple answer.

Nope - not for her.

Georgous Kate at a YSL shoot - one of my fave pics 
of her.. ♥ her hair and outfit

Ms. Moss decides to open her big mouth.  The very mouth her PR team have tried so desperately to keep shut because of fear she will..well open her big mouth and act like a dumb model.  She said:-

"Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels, that's one of them." 
- Kate Moss, WWD website. 

Thank you Kate for re-inforcing all those stereotypes about the fashion industry promoting unhealty and underweight models.

Thank you Kate for promoting that skinny is cool and any girl that is over a size 12 should feel like a freak and there is something wrong with them.

Thank you Kate for feeding (no pun intended) those Pro-anna sufferers (Pro-annorexics) with your pathetic statement that skinny is a good look...because it isn't.

Perhaps she really, truly, is a Croydonian girl at heart - a stupid chav. Her answer really does make me wonder - are models really as dumb as they look?

Anyway I found this video of Kate Moss getting a telling off from Dizzee Rascal at the GQ Awards earlier this year.  Not only did she rudely interrupt his interview but she also  came back "pretending" to find her lipstick -  ermmmmm SURELY  Kate earn's more than enough to buy a whole shop full of lipsticks!?!  

Anyway watch the clip below for yourself...frigging hilarious!

Toodles! :-)

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