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Friday 19 February 2010

Footballer Cheats on Wife (Again!)

 Ashely Cole and Cheryl Cole in happier times...

Ashley, Ashley, Ashley.  What is wrong with you??? Once again, the papers have got wind that Chelsea footie star Ashley Cole has allegedly been cheating on his wife, Cheryl Cole.

The secretary...and the wife...good gosh Ashley what have you (allegedly!) done?!? 

Apparently, he bedded a blonde secretary late 2008.  She sold her story to the press and also supplied pics image of Ashley Cole's torso in white boxers...*blank face* 

The story broke just hours before Cheryl was due to perform at the BRITS..just the news you want to hear when you're due to perform on stage at one of the country's biggest musical events of the year.  Perfect timing Ash!  Not only was Cheryl's outfits she chose to perform in ill-fitting and unflattering but she her lip synching was 3 seconds behind the backing track.  The performance, well put it this way, it wasn't her best.  No thanks to her hubby's (alleged)  cheating.

Cheryl's performance at the BRITS..truly AWFUL..poor lamb had loads on her plate so we'll forget it ever happened :-)

So what happens now? Who knows. This is the fourth allegation that has appeared in the papers about Ashley's alleged cheating.  Firstly there were the gay stories with a famous DJ, then a hairdresser from sutton sold her story and now this.  As Cheryl so rightly named her album "Three Words", Ashley Cole, 3 words for you..."SORT IT OUT!" 

And just to remind both Ashley and Cheryl how much they are both worth...

These sports-stars eh??? You couldn't trust them as far as you could throw 'em!

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