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Wednesday 3 February 2010

Katie Price Marries Alex in Las Vegas Wedding!

                                     Katie & Alex
Rumours are circulating that Katie ‘Jordan’ Price and Alex Reid got married in Las Vegas last night - just days after he won Celebrity Big Brother.

Apparently, the pair tied the knot in Las Vegas at the Wynn wedding chapel with TV cameras and photographers in attendance.  Allegedly, Kate has already sold the story in a magazine deal worth up to £1 million. 

Peter Andre, who only divorced Katie last September, has already had his say about the marriage saying, “I’ve thought about this, all of this morning, and I thought as long as they’re a positive influence on my kids that’s all I care about. If they’re happy great, it’s none of my business.”

REALLY Pete? He must be absolutely reeling. First Alex wins Celebrity Big Brother, then the guy marries his ex-missus.  How does it feel Pete?!? :-)

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