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Sunday 24 January 2010

Is this REALLY fashion?

 Amber Rose & Kanye at Mens Paris Fashionweek

Fashion or fashion faux pas? I have tried  so many times to defend Amber Rose's choice of outfits but there comes a time when you have to see things for what they really are..


Take this outfit she chose to wear to Men's Fashion Week in Paris yesterday. Is this not the same attire a lady of the night would be seen wearing? Or perhaps even THEY wouldn't be seen dead in, for it might even be too SLEAZY for them!
I don't care if frigging Anna Wintour is telling you to wear this whorish outfit.  There are some things you DO NOT WEAR!

The dress (if we could call it that) is totally gross and worst of all hides Amber's best asset: the shape of her body, which looks tons better in dresses. (See below)

Doesn't she look lovely here? 

Every lady knows about the "legs out or breasts out" rule. It's either one or the other, as having both on show makes even the most classy woman look trashy.

Obviously, Amber didn't get that fashion rule as girlfriend decides to wear a shredded black dress over a nude bodysuit.  In fact, recently Amber's dress sense has completely gone off the radar. She's fast returning to her stripper days of showing all. Honey, didn't you know less is more??

Oh well, maybe she'll get it right next's hoping!

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