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Tuesday 12 January 2010

Why Geeks Make Good Boyfriends

 Geek chic look is popular with both men & women...

Finding the perfect man can be tough. Dating can be even worse. Isn't dating meant to be fun? Cinema, dinner and, if you're lucky, a kiss to seal the end of a lovely evening? 

My loved up friends can't seem to remember the days of being single. Lucky them! These days, single woman like us would be lucky to get a second date! From the amount of frogs I've had to kiss, I should know. This lady is speaking from (bad) experience.

So what happens when you decide to opt for a change? Well once you've pushed aside the bad boys, the commitment phobes and the cheaters, you're left with the geeks.

Super Producer, the Neptunes' Pharrell 

However, geeks are not all necessarily bad. Yes they can be technology mad, have a weird sense of humour or have strange hobbys but everyone knows that geeks make the best boyfriends! You only have to look at reality tv shows like, “Beauty and the Geek” that pairs beautiful women with geeky guys or dramas like the OC where Seth the nerd lands his dream girl Summer. 

So can a geek guy really make a good boyfriend? Here are my top reasons why they can:-

If there's one thing about a geek, is that they are reliable. Unlike bad boys who have a habit of playing mind games, you always know where you stand with a geek guy. In most cases, if he says he's going to call you, he will call you!

Low Maintenance
You will never have to worry about a geek guy stealing your hair products or taking longer to get ready than you. In fact, geek guys are the least flashiest type of people you'll come across and are very low maintenance. You can be completely yourself around your geek guy as physical appearance is the last thing that stimulates him, its what's beneath the surface that counts.

Once a cheat, always a cheat – who isn't familiar with this infamous saying? You won't have to worry about a geek guy doing the dirty with another girl, because he's far more concerned with you and the other love of his life, his PC and gadgets!

Have you ever come across a dumb geek? No I didn't think so! If there's one thing that is certain, is that geek guys are intelligent. Quick thinking, clever and with often a sense of humour that is so wacky and eccentric- your guaranteed good conversation. Who says intelligence isn't sexy?

So the next time you reject the nerdy guy's advances, think about the benefits of dating him and you might be pleasantly surprised!

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