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Sunday 24 January 2010

Venus Shows Us A Full Moon

 Flesh coloured underwear - YAY or NAY???

I woke up today with images of Venus Williams' arse all over the internet. Loads of online news websites  and even twitter were going crazy claiming that Venus was mooning the tennis crowd at the Australian Open yesterday- like seriously?! Has no one ever HEARD of flesh coloured underwear?!?

 Venus on court wearing THOSE knickers

Venus said, "I am wearing undershorts the same colour as my skin, so it gives the slits in my dress the full effect! The whole idea is just about the illusion  so that the shorts  were like the same colour as my skin. It works very well, apparently." 

The Williams sisters are known for their pushing the limits with their tennis outfits on the court.  Who remembers Serena's all in one tennis outfit? FIERCE! If I was a tennis star that is exactly the kind of get-up I would be wearing on centre court ;-)

Serena and THAT catsuit  

Personally, I think Venus skin coloured underwear is not to my, er, taste.  In fact ANYTHING skin-coloured including tights, bodysuits etc is just gross full stop. But hey, each to their own!

What do YOU think??


CyberLeader said...

She looks superb and her buttocks are shown off to perfection in that catsuit.

DoYouNoah said...

LOL I'm glad someone approves!;-)

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